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Destination Unknown

Life on Earth evolves (changes) in response to a variety natural forces.  These forces that can drive long-term evolution in species are numerous (and still being worked out by biologists).  For the record, the most well-known and controversial of them … Continue reading

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Life in the Oxford Valley

The Bosphorus is the narrow strait connecting the cold, vast, and shallow Black Sea to the much warmer and more saline Mediterranean Sea.  Straddled by the city of Istanbul and its 11 million inhabitants, the Bosphorus (from the Greek “ox-ford”) … Continue reading

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Civil Defense

“My sentence is for open War.” John Milton, Paradise Lost (Book II, Line 51) Most termites, like ants and bees, live in strict caste-based societies of closely-related individuals.  Tasks like reproduction, work, and colony defense are divided among relatives within a strict … Continue reading

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We have science for a lot of reasons.  To cure disease, build a better missile, improve the resolution on my television, design a better iPhone, keep the lights on, curtail the obesity epidemic, and so on.  I could group most … Continue reading

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