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A plume of magma may explain North America’s odd geology Earth’s active geologic processes are a blessing and a curse.  They help sustain life.  Yet, the last sign I saw as I entered the Washington State Fair this summer pointed … Continue reading

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The solar system’s early days were chaotic.  Our celestial neighborhood began as a rotating cloud of gas and dust.  Some 4.6 billion years ago, the massive center of this cloud condensed into the sun.  Leftover gas and dust, spurred by … Continue reading

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Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow

Centuries ago, Spanish explorers expected the mythical land of “California” to be a wild and exotic island.  Perhaps they should be applauded for their prescience, for new research published in Nature Communications confirms that California is slowly separating from the rest … Continue reading

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Life in the Oxford Valley

The Bosphorus is the narrow strait connecting the cold, vast, and shallow Black Sea to the much warmer and more saline Mediterranean Sea.  Straddled by the city of Istanbul and its 11 million inhabitants, the Bosphorus (from the Greek “ox-ford”) … Continue reading

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