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The solar system’s early days were chaotic.  Our celestial neighborhood began as a rotating cloud of gas and dust.  Some 4.6 billion years ago, the massive center of this cloud condensed into the sun.  Leftover gas and dust, spurred by … Continue reading

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Divining Rod

Another Earth, full of life.  The idea inspires awe and wonder, as well as sober reflection on the savage thrashing we give our own blue oasis.  These notions are fuel for science fiction.  But recent missions have inched Earth-like planets … Continue reading

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Down in the Valley

With blistering days, frigid nights, and parched features, Mercury has long suffered in sun-scorched obscurity.  Ancient astronomers strained to observe the diminutive orb through the sun’s glare.  Their modern counterparts were tempted more by the terrestrial (“rocky”) planets closer to … Continue reading

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